We strongly believe that pets are an important part of any family, and that they deserve a menu that not only tastes good, but provides nutritional value as well. As pet parents, we all want the very best for our cats and dogs. This is why we have created a way to help you discover the large variety of premium quality freeze dried/dehydrated meals, meal toppers and mixers available for your pet. These kind of foods are not something that just popped up overnight, they have actually been around for a while. However, since the companies we work with are not large corporations (many of them are either small family farms, or they source their products directly from family farms), they don’t have the ability to bombard you with a bunch of ads and commercials 24/7, which makes it difficult for you to learn about them.

In my personal experience, the things in life that I have gained the most value from are those things that I have found out about through word of mouth, by someone whose opinion I trust. We want to help you be that trusted friend, relative or coworker, which is why we want to introduce you to a variety of the premium freeze dried/dehydrated foods that are available for your pet (or as I like to call mine, my four legged kids). Not only will you be providing your cat or dog with the freshest foods available (aside from home cooked meals, of course), but you will most likely be the first in your group to know about many of these high quality, non mass produced foods that benefit the overall health and well being of your pet. The foods we send can be conveniently served at any meal, or added to any meal, and some can even be a meal on their own. We have partnered with many extraordinary companies. Their passion and expertise is representative of the goals and commitment we all share in providing all furry (or hairless) family members with a tasty healthy diet.  

Join us in our mission to feed hungry animals

Frazzle Pets has partnered with several animal welfare groups to provide much needed food to animals in need. In order to expand our reach, and help even more animals, we have started the 'Funds fur Paws' initiative. We will be donating 20 meals to animals in need for every month you are signed up to receive a Frazzle Feast.


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